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Vern and Geir are both original characters! Here is a handy-dandy doc of their shenanigans if you need to check that, but Vern's particular stats go like so:


Name: Vern

Age: 18

Physical traits: Bam. He’s around 5’6 and on the skinny and angular side. Needs to eat like twenty more sandwiches. Stronger than he looks but not exceptionally so. He takes care of his appearance as best as he can but is still a bit scruffy. His body language tends toward closed and tense.

Brief Backstory: He's a natural and frequent magic user and so was everyone else in his family except his dad. Most of his family died when he was little and all of them were dead by the time he hit sixteen due to shitty constant war and the bad rap of magic users combining super poorly. Ever since then he decided that since everyone is an asshole he might as well end the world early, and he spent two years figuring out how to try and wake Jormungand and then running around all over the place to gather the needed resources for the awakening ritual.

Personality Info/Notes for the Psychics: A fearful, angry teenager who’s been badly socialized and turned out deeply pessimistic overall. He can function and talk to people, but he’s still extremely awkward, avoidant of prolonged conversation, and a combination of deadpan and snippily abrasive around humans and gods -- when dealing with them, he’d rather do what he has to do and get out as fast as possible instead of sticking around. It takes him quite a while to warm up to someone and relax; if he does warm up then he’s actually fairly talkative, pleasant and thoughtful. Once he’s strongly decided how to feel about something he has a tendency to brood over it and make it better or worse than it is in his head. Once he’s strongly decided to care about or do something he has a tendency to monofocus on it to his own detriment.

It’s a good thing Geir’s around now on a lot of levels: living with Geir is slowly teaching him how to actually remember other people have feelings and communicate like a person again, and Geir also curtails some of his teenage bad decisions and reminds him to eat regularly. He’s pretty fond of Geir, but they fight a lot because they’re dumb impatient teenagers. He’s also really upset by the crappiness of the gods’ system, Geir’s destiny as Jormungand (hypocritically, but they’re both aware of that) and how the gods treated Geir overall; this also leads to fights since Geir doesn’t always comprehend why Vern’s so mad about god things.

Abilities: Some magic; a generic set of earth/fire/water RPG offense spells most magic users are taught and can utilize. These are not very powerful unless he drains himself completely in one shot. His personal specialty is lightbringing -- creating light, controlling and directing it, making pretty shapes and pictures with it. Knows how to live on his own, survive off the land, not fuck himself up too badly, and avoid traps in ruins. He might be able to summon and direct the residents of other worlds in the Norse cosmology (who are normally imperceptible to humans), but he went straight for summoning Jormungand, a god who exists alongside him as part of Midgard, which shouldn't have been possible at all.

Other: Poor eyesight (he’s nearsighted) without his glasses. Surprisingly well-traveled and well-read for a punkass teenager, but more in the ‘amateur adventurer who’s seen some shit while wandering around’ sense than the ‘scholarly research’ sense.


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